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Questions People Ask


Sometimes we'll have customers come in with vacuum repair problems or service issues. Many times, these problems are simple to correct or fix. (and repairs can usually be done right on our premises, often while you wait):
  • Replace a belt
  • Unclog the hoses or underside of the vacuum
  • Replace a filter
  • Replace a frayed cord
  • Replace a cracked or broken hose
What is interesting is that sometimes repairs are needed because people are not using the vacuum cleaner best-suited for their particular needs. And of course, the time to find out which vacuum is best for a specific circumstance is before you buy a vacuum or sweeper. There are many savvy vacuum buying customers who do ask the right questions before making their purchases. We thought we would list some of the best questions that we get from these smart shoppers and post them so that those of you who may be needing to buy a new vac sometime in the near future can use this information to make the best purchasing choices possible. Here are a few of our favorites:
Question: Which vacuum cleaner is best for pet hair?
Answer: Many people have pets so this is a common question. Many different factors point to the Miele HomeCare Collection. There are a variety of vacuum cleaners and accessories. The big fact is that these vacuums are canisters so they provide powerful suction. Their design also makes them easy to control and move around to get in those hard to reach areas.
Question: Which cordless vacuum cleaner is best?
Answer: Cordless vacs are popular because of their convenience and lightweight. One thing be aware of is that cordless vacs are battery operated so many find they don't have the suction that corded vacuums generally have. And you have to remember to keep them charged so they're ready when you need them. Something else related to suction and power is that some models have been known to have issues with the motors especially over a period of time.  With that said, there are several models that have shown to be reliable contenders in this area, Dyson and Simplicity are two popular brands that stand out.
Question: Which vacuum cleaner is the quietest?
Answer:  This is a tricky question because this can be dependent on the size and power of the motor. One solution may be is to go with a Miele because the suction can be adjusted and turned down. Of course, doing this will reduce the suction power.  But it may provide a solution in one of those rare times when noise volume is really a concern.
One other point to consider is that Restaurants and other businesses with similar needs are looking for performance in a vacuum but they also need a cleaner that will not disturb customers.  In that case, you may want to consider the Bissell Cordless Sweeper. Quiet but also reliable and they get the job done.
Question: Which vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction?
Answer: Look at some of the Commercial vacuum cleaner models such as the Pro Team Back Pack. Also, consider any of the NSS unit models,as well as the Tornado.  Something else to consider is that the Miele Canisters are rated as high in performance as many commercial cleaning vac units!
If you have any questions that haven't been answered, give us a call or stop in - we're always happy to help!

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